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Re: Geographically Diverse file-replication

Quoting Wojciech Ziniewicz <wojciech.ziniewicz@gmail.com>:

2009/8/3 <lists@truthisfreedom.org.uk>

Hi all,

I'm working on something at the moment where I will require file
replication across geographically-diverse networks.

Initially this will probably be multiple sites within the UK, however it is
hoped that it will expand to global datacentres.

We're currently using NetApp 6080's to serve up the files and I'm wondering
if anyone can recommend a good way of syncing the data (nearly 5 terabytes)
so that updates made in one location are distributed to all the others in
the shortest time possible.

In the first instance, I'd be looking for a single point of publishing with
multiple points of distribution (I guess it's a standard "master-slave"
relatoinship if it was a database!) hoever I want to head towards
"Multi-Master" replication at file-sytem level!

Thanks in advnace for all your thoughts,

There's missing basic info about approx. link speeds in your mesh.



I'm not too sure what the backhaul will be as yet. We're probably looking at circa 10Mbps between data centres with 1Gbps links inside. The netapps on each site will be configured as a metro-cluster.

Not too sure if you need any further information as I've not done this kind of thing before!


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