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Re: Anti-SPAM question: Beyond SPAMAssassin

2009/7/28 Jeremy Winder <jwinder@logicalsi.com>
We have been using SPAMAssassin for years mostly with success. However,
over the last year or so I have noticed a steady increase of SPAM that
gets through. So I wanted to ask the general question, is there another
anti-SPAM solution I should be looking at implementing? Have the days of
SPAMAssassin being "the product" come and gone?

I know my questions are very general without any detail given on my
particular situation, this is intensional. I'm able to beat back the
tide with constant tweaking of my current implementation, I'm just
curious as to what others are doing.

sure , instead of using only spamassasin i use :
- spamassassin
- domainkeys (dkimproxy)
- postgrey
- rbl/sbl


Wojciech Ziniewicz

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