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Re: compiling a kernel on amd64

Keith Edmunds wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Jul 2009 16:48:25 +1000, julian@jdcomputers.com.au said:
>>> next  time don't ask on the list but search on the internet.  
>> Thats a bit harsh......
> This list is aimed at ISPs running Debian. I wouldn't expect such an
> audience to ask on this list how to compile a kernel and how to download
> kernel sources. I'd also expect an ISP to know how to search for
> something that is documented many, many times over. Besides, not only was
> he told to search next time (correctly IMO), but he was also given the
> answer. I'm not sure I would have been so benevolent.

I've seen worse on cisco-nsp. "I have an XXXXX model switch, what can I
use it for?" It breaks my heart to know that somewhere out there that
person is probably being paid by some poor sap to be their Cisco "expert."


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