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Re: ISP Design validation and questions

"Michael Goetze" <mgoetze@mgoetze.net> Ecrivait:

>> 3° If there is a problem on the path between a server and the master 
>> firewall (for example, port down on the switch), assuming that I set up 
>> arp_ip_target and arp_interval options
>> of the bonding module, will the server start using its other interface 
>> to get another path ?
> Linux Bonding will switch the active interface even without the arp 
> options, when the link goes down.

Currently, That's a very important part for me. I were told that using
either VRRP or ethernet
bonding, I will get one single virtual mac address. So in both case, server
or firewalls won't need
to update their arp table because the matching virtual mac -> ip adress will
stay valid.
Therefore, the question would be : what is going to happen in order to
update automatically the mac table
on switches ? 

Another question :
If I don't use arp options, my ethernet bonding will only be carrier sense,
no ? If I want it to 
test the complete path to the firewalls and switch to the other interface if
the path faill, I should
use those options, correct ?

>> 5° What do you think about the switch choice, any suggestion ?
> How is this different from Question 1?

Simple mistake, sorry.

> Regards,
> Michael

Thank you very much for your answers :)


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