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Re: ISP Design validation and questions


1° Do you agree with the switches choice ?

Cisco switches are obviously capable of pretty much everything you need a switch to do, so this boils down to personal preference. For instance, I like JunOS better than IOS...

2° Can I do ethernet bonding (server side) while connecting to 2 differents switches ?


3° If there is a problem on the path between a server and the master firewall (for example, port down on the switch), assuming that I set up arp_ip_target and arp_interval options

of the bonding module, will the server start using its other interface to get another path ?

Linux Bonding will switch the active interface even without the arp options, when the link goes down.

4° If one interface becomes down on the server, it will start using the other one. In that case, I guess that the kernel will send a broadcast gratuitous ARP, will other Linux Kernel in the same

VLAN take that into account ?

AFAIK, yes.

5° What do you think about the switch choice, any suggestion ?

How is this different from Question 1?

6° Generally speaking, is Linux taking Gratuitous ARP into accout ? I'v got 2 cases where the kernel should send Gratuitous ARP : VRRP master change (firewall) and active interface change (ethernet bonding on server). In those cases, will Linux send gratuitous ARP and will other kernel take those packets into account ?

Generally speaking, you can get Linux to do all sorts of things if you know the right sysctl parameters.


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