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Re: How to setup a PPPoE Server?

Hello Daniel,

Am 2009-05-29 02:08:46, schrieb Daniel Hood:
> As much as I hate to say it. No matter how you do it your going to have to
> have a trade off between money spent and time spent. An open source solution
> in this situation is going to take weeks and possibly months to configure,
> due to your inexprience (as far as I can tell) with RADIUS and routing, but

My current (test) setup is my own LAN, then I go into a MiniITX with two
GE Interfaces where the second one is conencted to a 8-Port GBit  Switch
on which I have connected two Alvarion BreezeACCESS VL.  Since I can not
run more then 5 channels at once (because the frequencies)  I  will  not
have more then 250 customers in total per unit.  Also the total speed is
maximum 200 MBit.

And as I have read from the PPPoE-Sevrer HOWTO, I need arround 2 MHz CPU
speed and 2 MByte Memory per client.

So my MiniITX with a Via C7 1.2 GHz and  1 GByte  of  memory  should  be

Any (additional) suggestions or remarkes?

> it sounds like you dont have the money to buy a couple of billion dollars
> worth of Cisco gear.

I have seen the prices...  And If I use one of them I  have  to  buy  at
least one reserve... :-/

The MiniITX boxes including a robust "outdoor" case cost ~500 US$ and  I
can have a bunch of them in reserve.

> The best trade off, would be getting a couple of mid-range Cisco routers
> (2800's with extra memory, or 3800's) possibly and having them run the PPPoE
> servers

I have a 2800 @home but I do not know, how  to  configure  it  as  PPPoE
server.  This CISCO stuff is <argh>!!!!!

> and connecting to a couple of fail-over entry-level 1RU dell boxes
> running debian and freeradius, connecting to your customerdatabase.

OK, I run a bunch of Sun-Machines (Opteron)...

> Its the
> best tradeoff between cost and time taken. It should only take you a while
> to set it all up. Plus, if you get a support contract with Cisco, anything
> that goes wrong you can just give them a buzz...


> It also depends on what your plans are for expanding. Cause a completely
> open source based solution wont hold many more then 4000 clients, unless you
> know the software back-to-front and can make changes to the source.

Here between Kehl and Rheinau we have between 2.000 and 3.000 home users
but if we expand, it could expand excessiv. (over 40.000)

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
    Michelle Konzack
    Tamay Dogan Network
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