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Re: lenny rant

On Monday 13 April 2009 01:46:05 CaT wrote:
> > I'm scared... ;) I run an instance of apache 1 for legacy web sites under
> What makes you need apache1 exactly?
> > nobody/nogroup and an instance of apache 2 for all newer sites under
> > www-data and a third instance of apache-ssl on a dedicated port under
> > another user to server XML RPC requests for setting up services.
> Why wont apache2+mod_ssl do for this? I mean I know you're wanting a
> transition setup but what I am asking is where the problem lies in just
> using apache2+mod_ssl now.

It's not about ssl - that's working okay in all three apaches already. my 
problem is running each instance under a different user/group -- see here


The User setting is server wide.


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