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Re: suEXEC witch mod_userdir

Marc Aymerich wrote:
> Sorry, but I forgot something about DTC.
> We have web pages, mailboxes and db in 3 different partitions on the
> SAN server, and every virtual server (web,mail,db) mounts their own
> partition. I see in the DTC online documentation that you suggest to
> mount the same big area (web pages and mailbox) in all the servers
> using the same mountpoint. For performance reason we can't use nfs
> (and we would like not to use GFS: decrease of performance and
> downtime for reformating partitions), Well, the question is: Can our
> data separation represent some relevant problems for DTC?
> I promise that is my last question :)

You have to have a mountpoint, using NFS or whatever is fine, I just
know NFS and nothing else, this is why I talked about it. What has the
best performances according to you ? OCFS maybe ? I'm just not fan of
network filesystems ...

But yes, the issue is that DTC uses a single folder for both web and
email (there is in fact a folder for each domain, which itself is in the
customer's folder). There is still an alternative though, you could use
Cyrus, if you like it. Cyrus is said to be very very fast (in fact, the
fastest option you could get). Then all would be somewhere in /var
(can't remember where Cyrus stores his email, I don't use it myself,
this was made by a contributor).


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