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Re: cyrus db4 problem? "reference count went negative"

* Marc Schiffbauer schrieb am 15.03.09 um 14:34 Uhr:
> Hi all,
> I have a lenny system with cyrus 2.2 running.
> Its now been the second time within a few days I saw this message in the logs:
>  Mar 15 10:07:42 pluto cyrus/pop3s[3680]: DBERROR db4: region 1 (environment): reference count went negative

Now I got some of this messages:

Mar 17 04:15:38 pluto cyrus/pop3s[12405]: DBERROR db4: PANIC: fatal region error detected; run recovery
Mar 17 04:15:38 pluto cyrus/pop3s[12405]: DBERROR: critical database situation

Everything seems to work fine though..

My Problem is: I do not know *which* database file is critical!
cyrus uses several database files for different things and it does
not tell me in which datanase it had the error.

I already tried 
  * "cyrreconstruct" => no errors.
  * "db4.2_recover" in /var/lib/cyrus => no errors
  * "db4.2_verify deliver.db" in /var/lib/cyrus => no errors
  * "db4.2_verify tls_sessions.db" in /var/lib/cyrus => no errors
  * ctl_cyrusdb -r  as user cyrus => no errors

cyrus keeps complaining about some database error a few times a day
but I cannot find a faulty database... :-(

Please, does anybody have any idea what I am missing here?

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