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man pages

hi all,

lately i've been practicing my skills a little on building basic websites and yesterday i had little to day so decided to re-build the ubuntu manpages web site and adjust it a little so it a can be used with debian. we all know manpages.debian.net but that site, although useful is not browseable by google since it cgi generates its pages when asked for, manpages.ubuntu.com on the other hand has a lot of indexable .html files.

so, one lazy afternoon and http://manpages.songshu.org was born (it still needs a little love though) here's the question, the whole thing relies heavily on google which is not necessarily a bad thing but the build in google custom search engine often displays ads when showing the results.

anybody know how to disable that? or is it just a thing that comes when using a google app for such a thing, any advises on a alternate search function?


not sure if this site could prove useful to debian as a whole but i'll take it down after a month or two unless it receives a lot of hits, so let me know if anybody would want all the releases included or would like to see some added cool functionality and sent some incoming links if you think this site is useful


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