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Re: suEXEC witch mod_userdir

Michael Loftis wrote:
> And virtualization doesn't really solve this.  There's no virtualization
> system that allows you to set QoS on Disk I/O

You are correct, no virtualization provide this, for a very simple
reason: they do NOT need to do it, it's available in the kernel
directly. Just have a look how to limit the rate of a device I/O with
the /sys entries and CQF. And as so many people use LVM for their VM
partitions, it's fine. Just have a look at

and  http://lwn.net/Articles/101029/

which is a fairly old article. I'm sure it's possible to find newer and
better information about CQF...

> Now Virtualization in
> concert with dedicated disk pools can, assumign your virtualization
> allows you to keep the virtualized machines from interfering with
> eachother in other ways (Network, CPU, and Memory resources for example)

It's ALSO possible to limit CPU and bandwidth, of course. And RAM, if
you use Xen, it's simply devided amongs VMs...


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