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Re: suEXEC witch mod_userdir

Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Marc Aymerich wrote:
>> Hi Thomas!
>> Thanks for your recommendation. We have considered using DTC control
>> panel in our servers, but the structure of DTC is not compatible with
>> our system. We have 3 virtualized servers, for web, mail and mysql,
>> each of this servers mounts a different disk partition from a SAN
>> server, and DTC stores web and mail in the user home directory, so we
>> have no idea how to adapt this to our needs.
> I see absolutely no reasons why you would separate in 3 servers if they
> are all visualized. If you do that, that is because you don't have
> enough resources on ONE server, there is no reason otherwise.

There are plenty of reasons for ensuring, for example, something doesn't
walk all over MySQL or a mail flood doesn't eat up all the resources and
take the website down. Especially if user shell account are permitted on
the web server.


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