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Re: Postfix as domain MX20 (second mailserver)

On Wed, 04 Mar 2009 17:15:46 +0100, hollomarta1@gmail.com said:

> So, my MX20 should send and receive all mails to/from my ISP's first 
> mail server (MX10).

No. Sending can be independent on each mail server, unless you have some
special reason to route outgoing mail from one via the other. Secondly,
read up on how MX records work. The system with the higher MX number (20)
will (should) NEVER receive mail from systems with an equal or lower
number. The system with MX 20 will need to receive mail directly from the
Internet for it to play a meaningful role in your mail setup.

> How will I configure my /etc/postfix/main.cf , if my  Postfix 
> send/and/receive all message from/to my  ISP's mail server?

How much work have you done to try to find the answers to these questions?
There are many, many guides to setting up Postfix out there. Also, given
that you are trying to work with your ISP's mail server, this is probably
the wrong list

> And how can I configure my fetchmail (if my fetchmail will download
> all mails from MX10 IMAP/POP server)?

Wrong list.

> Can anybody help me?

YOU could help yourself. Asking specific questions on the appropriate list
is fine; asking someone to tell you how to set up your entire mail
infrastructure from scratch is the kind of thing you pay $1000 a day for.

Keith Edmunds

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