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Re: Maildir backup

Marek Podmaka wrote:
Hello all,

  What do you use to backup maildirs? For normal backup I use
  rdiff-backup over network to different server. But don't know how to
  backup mailserver which has 146 GB of maildirs in 920.000 files. Of
  course many files are added as new mail arrives and lot of files
  removed as users download them using pop3 and imap. I use software
  raid1 to protect against disk failure, but nothing against human
  error or filesystem failure/corruption.

  Is recent rsync (which does not require full list of files at start)
  able to cope with such huge amount of files? And would be better to
  run it for example every hour or only once per day? Or maybe run it
  from LVM snapshot? The main problem to overcome is too many files
  and filesystem with too many changes all the time.

    Thanks for any ideas...

aside any 'change in progress' problems, you can use rsync v3. it does not suffer when the number of files is huge.
you must have it installed on both 'sides'.


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