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Re: iptables: identify host with DSL/Fritzbox

Keith Edmunds <kae@midnighthax.com> writes:
>> Is there a way to identify my PC for iptables?
> Set up OpenVPN between your PC and the server, and allow OpenVPN
> connections to the server. If you use X509 keys, it is secure and it's
> not hard to set up (see the OpenVPN website).

Wouldn't this mean to run a second sshd (with the certificate)?

The sense of my little defense program is to avoid brute force attacks
too. How would I do that in that case?

I thought about a second sshd and accept only _one_ user identified by a
key (instead of password). The second sshd would use a different config
file and port, but the same certificate. I'll think about it...


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