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iptables: identify host with DSL/Fritzbox


I manage a server. On that server I run a little homegrown programm,
that scanns logfiles for regular expressions and adds entries to a
iptables chain to deny IPs, once they reach a certain level of

Also, it is possible to add `static' rules before or behind those
dynamic added/deleted rules. I'd like to add an ACCEPT rule to avoid the
blocking of requests from my own computer.

Unfortunately a rule like

iptable -I MYCHAIN 1 -i eth+ -m mac --mac-source 00:03:6a:a7:cf:01 -j ACCEPT

does not work, since my MAC address is not the one which reaches the
server, right?

I have the usual DSL access to the internet here:

  my_PC  --->  Fritzbox  --->  Internet --->  Server

which means I have a new IP all 24 hours.

Is there a way to identify my PC for iptables?

Thanks in advance,

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