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Re: Web servers HA: wackamole vs lvs vs haproxy

vls + heartbeat



Lionel Porcheron escreveu:
Burkhard Ott a écrit :
Am Thu, 27 Nov 2008 12:50:18 +0100 schrieb Lionel Porcheron:
Hi all,

I'm about to build a web HA infrastructure. I have read some
articles/websites, and I have several lead. The main software I
identified are wackamole, lvs and haproxy (I'm not oposed to other). Do
you have any advice / any experience you could share on the topic?

It depends on the infrastructure you like to implement, a very common
setup is to have 2 LB'S with lvs keepalive and connection syncing. behind
you place the servers and handle ha with heartbeat.
Check out linux-ha.org for varoius setups.
This was my first approach and what I have already implemented on a
mockup. This works great. But I have been adviced to look at wackamole
and haproxy by other collegues / friends. LVS have the inconveniant to
have a centralized point. Wackamole is more a distributed approach and
have some advantages.




Fernando Ribeiro
Departamento de Internet

Tvtel Comunicações S.A.

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