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Re: Exim router configuration

On 18/11/08 06:34, Anoop Alias wrote:
I am new to exim and is trying to implement a dedicated content
filtering system for exim.

My requirement is that hostA should accept all mails specified as
localdomains in a mysql database and instead of attempting to deliver
it locally ,passing it on to a next hop server or a smarthost

Is it possible?

A lot is possible with Exim, and this most probably yes.

I won't claim to be an expert, and haven't tried using a database for domain/email address matching, only text files, but you might want to look at the following regarding using a database for addresses/domains:



If you don't want to deliver the mail locally, the easiest is to have the server relay mail to those domains instead.  As far as adding in this "content filtering" system goes, it depends exactly what you are trying to filter.  Blocking attachment extensions is straightforward in Exim (under Debian at least), other types of filtering, if they required and external program, would probably need to be set up in a similar way as ClamAV, with a scan queue.

However, as Marc advised, you may be better paying someone else to do it for you if you really aren't sure.  I've broken my mail system a couple of times when trying to be clever with my Exim setup, so I'm now much more cautious.



Gavin Westwood

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