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Re: Exim router configuration

On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 02:46:37PM +0100, Rejo Zenger wrote:
> ++ 18/11/08 13:41 +0000 - Adam McGreggor:
> >> I am new to exim and is trying to implement a dedicated content
> >> filtering system for exim.
> >
> >Exim has very sane documentation, and an active mailing list.
> >
> >http://www.exim-new-users.co.uk/ is aimed at new exim users.
> >
> >http://lists.exim.org/mailman/listinfo/exim-users is the list, but do
> >search the archive before posting, along with having read the docs.
> But most likely, the original poster will be refered back to a Debian 
> list as Debian has it's own way of configuration of Exim. 

If people get an answer apart from "Read the Spec." "Read the docs" on
Pkg-exim4, I've probably missed it (it's a list I no longer subscribe

Saying that, I forget some people use *that* abomination, pkg-exim4: 
i/we certainly don't.

(and yes, I do get fed-up with people asking questions to lists where 
other lists are more appropriate, and where there are decent docs)

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