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Re: [ OT ] Internet accounting (UA)

On 04/11/2008, at 5:34 PM, Wojciech Ziniewicz wrote:

I thought that it's not possible at all :
a) there's no connection between BGP prefixes and geographical situation

There is no official connection - although, it would be possible to create some
sort of mapping based on IP addresses/ AS Numbers...

A provider could also set up his accounting scheme based
on whether traffic travelled via a peering, or via an upstream.

b) there's no way to do the "accounting" of what was the origin of the
data that was sent until a user
is going thru the proxy or something similar solution.

Not quite true - you could easily map IP address, or even take the AS number.
- The provider would need to create a mapping on his side though.

The question is whether this solution scales. If the users are on modems, not a problem but as soon as DSL, and larger connections come into play - NO WAY... It costs you more
to bill it.

c) would it be possible that biggest Ukrainian ISP is doing such a
resources-demanding bussiness ?

Possible yes - sensible... I couldn't imagine so - but I hope they know their market
better than I do.



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