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[ OT ] Internet accounting (UA)

sorry for this off topic, but  I have a very interesting question.
I am deploying a big farm of (Debian ;) ) servers outside the Ukraine
to serve multiple internet sites.
Friend of mine , did tell me that there's a problem with non-domestic
servers in Ukraine.
90% of people are using dial-ups there and i received info that
there's a tariffication that
cause people that view "foreign" servers ,pay more money.
I thought that it's not possible at all :
a) there's no connection between BGP prefixes and geographical situation
b) there's no way to do the "accounting" of what was the origin of the
data that was sent until a user
is going thru the proxy or something similar solution.
c) would it be possible that biggest Ukrainian ISP is doing such a
resources-demanding bussiness ?

I would appreciate and thank for any answers and suggestions
regards and thank You for Your time

Wojciech Ziniewicz
Unix SEX :{look;gawk;find;sed;talk;grep;touch;finger;find;fl
ex;unzip;head;tail; mount;workbone;fsck;yes;gasp;fsck;more;yes;yes;eje
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