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cobalt serv RaQ3 debian

Hi  I have in my possession a few RaQ3 servers I would like to install Debian GNU/Linux there. I have done everything like it was shown at http://www.impactmediaworks.com/index.php?page=30 and now: every time when I am trying to boot from the hard drive I can see only something as it is show below.
  Flash Bank 0: AMD AM29F080B 1MB
  Flash Bank 1: not installed.
Mounting rom_fs: done
Initializing i18n - language "en": done
Press spacebar to enter ROM mode
Booting default method - From disk
First stage kernel: Decompressing - done
and the whole procedure starts again and again. Did any one from you guys have similar problem or maybe has any ideas how to solve it?
2.I have also tried to install it from the network but I think I have done something wrong. DHCP server is working fine NFS server is working fine, however I cannot mount root fs  at all :/. It is also problem with it.

Probably I will need a new kernel and ROM 2.10 for these servers to actually be able to install the 2.6 series kernel. So my second question is:
Does any one have ROM in ver 2.10... and kernel 2.6.x prepared for RaQ3s'  ?

Any help will be appreciated.
regards Paul

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