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Re: how to deal with ptr records and getting classified as spam under the http://workaround.org/articles/ispmail-etch/ -config

On 10.10.08 15:22, Michael Habashy wrote:
> i followed the great article on
> http://workaround.org/articles/ispmail-etch/
> But i found issues regarding my server getting treated as a source of spam
> mail.
> I have followed the tutorial almost to the letter.
> I have domain1.com and domain2.com
> I setup up everything iwth domain1.com  - but Randell (guy on this forum)
> helped me out greatly - he discovered that my router's ip did not have a ptr
> record --- this caused yahoo.com and gmail to treat my server as spam.
> One problem solved --- thanks Randall.

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> Today's issue is that i want to setup a 2nd domain name to send emails out
> on. The configuration on http://workaround.org/articles/ispmail-etch/
> works perfectly. The issue comes up is that yahoo and gmail treat me like
> spam for that domain name. So i figured let me create the same ptr records
> for my router and my server.
> That was a mistake -- no i am getting treated like spam when i send out from
> both domains= domain1.com and domain2.com

The IP address your mails are coming from (as remote servers see it) needs
to have correct PTR pointing to a name that points to the same IP back.

e.g. -> fantomas.fantomas.sk ->

Note that the hostname does NOT need to be in the domain you send mail from,
it only has to look correct, and not generic if possible - some servers
reject mail from hostnames like and similar.

(I'm pointing this out because I've got many similar complaints about this -
they were all bogus of course.)

Unluckily you did not provide what exactly did you do. I can only guess that
you set up more or incorrect PTR records, that made mailservers reject mail
from you.

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