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Re: some weird upgrade problem

Hi again.
It'w working now :)
For anyone who will have the same problem in the future.
Unfortunately I could not use my backup to restore /usr partition because I 
could not override existing "weird" files. So I have copied all files (except 
these three broken ones) from /usr to another hard drive. I have changed 
entry in /etc/fstab to show where will be the new mounting point for /usr. 
Restart. I have format my old partition to delete that weird files from my 
drive, copied files from the new /usr to the newest /usr change entries 
in /etc/fstab as they was before. Restart.
After, when system is up. dpkg --configure -a
and my problem with upgrade of python-libxml2 solved :)
Important thing is to copy all these files from one directory to another with 
user and group rights, because you can be suprised when you will start your 
system back again. 
thanks for your assistance

Regards Pawel Krzywicki
Debian GNU/Linux User: Pawel"at"Wartan"dot"org
kadu:3735326 Registered Linux User : 406139 |PLUG :1966491030
Home Page: http://www.wartan.org [under construction]

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