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Re: Jabber Server Selection

Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
On Aug 25, 2008, at 4:00 PM, Ing. Otto Marroquin wrote:
We are about to install a Jabber server.   We have chosen ejabberd.
The factors we judge were:
1.  Stardards compliant

On 28.08.08 00:49, Nate Duehr wrote:
ASCII text and "wall" is a standard too. LOL. Standards change. It won't matter in a year or two, maybe three at the most.

it does matter now, all compliant clients should work with it. It's easier
(and better) to explain that client does not work, because it violates the
standard, than it does not work because it does not (but server does).

yeah ... maybe it was a simple requirement ... but we were concerned
about standards because we want that our clients can still used their
yahoo.com, msn and gmail contacts...   Yes standards do change, but we still
need our server be compliant
4. Virtual host support (because we are planning to use it for several clients).
Anything can run on a virtual host that will run in the original OS.

the virtual host means that the server supports virtual hosts by itself, not
that it can run in vserver oswhatever kind of virtual machine...

We were thinking only about supporting several domains.  I saw the
configuration options and its very simple.
Not sure what you're concerned about here.

So why are you commenting? :)

5.  Easy and secure web administration.
Finally, a real requirement!

funny, I'd be carefull just here. I prefer possibility of editing
configuration file, with optional web administration as a bonus :)

If we should pay support its O.K.   We see community support as mutual help,
we are not hopping that every problem we have will be solved by the community ...

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