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Re: SATA drive reccomendations for reliablity (server use)

Drives go bad. Some drives go bad sooner than others. In our experience right now drives in teh 250-500GB range have a pretty high reliability if they're perpendicular recording, 120-160 if your'e talking about linear drives. Many manufacturers now make "Enterprise" editions of their drives which (at least supposedly) have a much higher MTBF. Either due to higher initial quality rating, or software/firmware differences that cause them to be more cautious in how they write data.

I wouldn't go over 500GB for enterprise needs right now. Also, remember that these large drives are relatively slow. The IOs/Gb and MB/s/Gb has gone down drastically, not up. So if you've any sort of I/O intensive application you might want too look at still smaller spindles, and more of them (and yes, at an increased $/Gb, $/Gb is obviously NOT the only measurement)

--On August 2, 2008 5:36:23 PM -0600 Scott Edwards <supadupa@gmail.com> wrote:

I have two servers that I will buy two to six drives a piece for
(each).  I'm thinking 750gb is the sweet spot for storage prices.

I know everyone has had a drive go bad.  I'm not interested in endless
stories of how yours was bad, how you lost your lifes work, or why
you'll never buy from vendor X just to spite them.

I'm looking for larger scale independent third party testing and
certification of SATA and SATA II drives released on the market,
geared for server use.  I want to use this to make a comparison of
where price, performance, and reliablity make the best for our needs.

If any of the existing hardware matters, here is the hardware I am
considering for running XEN.  I haven't decided if I will stick with
the etch kernel, or jump into a newer mainline release.

Supermicro 2021M-UR+V
Kingston KVR400D2D4R3K2/8G
Intel 4 port gigabit server adapter. EXPI9404PT
2 GHZ QC optron cpus


Scott Edwards

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