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bindgraph and historic logs

Hi guys,

I tried on the d-u list but got no response there.

I have bind on a box that gets fairly low traffic but is about to get more busy, so I wanted to get bindgraph working so can can give clients a visual representation of trends (other graphs for other software too).

Anyway, when I set up the server, I configured named/syslog-ng to log queries to a dedicated log. Running bindgraph on this log (about 500mb) causes it to crash. I started cutting it up into smaller chunks, and it always crash if I take it back to December last year. From January this year onwards it's quite OK.

I straced it, but didnt' learn much. I looked through the code, and didn't see any obvious reason why it would have trouble parsing a log that spans over two different years (the logging is only from September, btw).

What limit am I hitting? Is it a file size, or does it get confused with the dates? I'm running bindgraph-0.2a-2.1 on Debian Etch.


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