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Re: Debian on HP ML150 G5 (SC40Ge raid)


No one?

I have googled that it should be a LSI SAS 3042 (or 3041) controller,
which is maybe supported by the mptsas driver. Does someone have more
information about it?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008, 15:09:02, you wrote:

> Hi all,

> Does anyone run debian on HP ML150 G5 (or similar)?
> I think almost all components should work fine, but what about the
> SC40Ge SAS/SATA RAID controller? Is it supported in kernel and in etch
> installer? I think I will you software raid, so it is enough that
> drives are visible.

> And I have one more question.. In manual there are screenshots from
> BIOS with IPMI IP settings... Does it mean that it has some IPMI
> remote console? Or only with iLO card which is sold separately?

> And last question... it has quad-core Xeon processor. Do you recommend
> to have hyperthreading enabled (and see 8 CPUs in system) or disabled?

> Thanks

  bYE, Marki

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