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Debian on HP ML150 G5 (SC40Ge raid)

Hi all,

Does anyone run debian on HP ML150 G5 (or similar)?
I think almost all components should work fine, but what about the
SC40Ge SAS/SATA RAID controller? Is it supported in kernel and in etch
installer? I think I will you software raid, so it is enough that
drives are visible.

And I have one more question.. In manual there are screenshots from
BIOS with IPMI IP settings... Does it mean that it has some IPMI
remote console? Or only with iLO card which is sold separately?

And last question... it has quad-core Xeon processor. Do you recommend
to have hyperthreading enabled (and see 8 CPUs in system) or disabled?


  bYE, Marki

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