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Re: Backup of an courier-imap mailarchive

On Thu, 10 Jul 2008, Andrew McGlashan wrote:
You need to "e2fsck -fD" afterwards to index large *existing*
directories: http://lwn.net/Articles/11481/

Can this be done with a file system that is mounted or must it be unmounted first?

e2fsck has to be run on an unmounted filesystem as usual. "e2fsck -n" would not help, as this does not alter the filesystem and thus would not
add a directory index.

Also, how can you determine whether or not such htree index exists already?

There's lsattr(1) and the chattr(1) manpage explains:

  The  ’I’ attribute is used by the htree code to indicate that a
  directory is being indexed using hashed trees.
  It may not be set or reset using chattr(1), although it can be
  displayed by lsattr(1).

I guess that dumpe2fs can be used to get this information as well, but lsattr is so much easier :)

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