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Re: Multiple IP's (virtual interfaces) on ONE VLAN?

This one time, at band camp, Mike Bird said:
> On Thu May 22 2008 02:02:30 Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
> > Currently I have 'eth0' and 'eth0:0'.
> >
> > 'Shortly', we'll be moving the office to another location (share office
> > space with another company), where they have VLAN's. They have given me
> > VLAN #20 and from what I can see (I'll be testing my setup later this
> > week), everything should be ok.
> >
> > But what about the intranet server which have TWO addresses? I've tried
> > 'eth0:0.20', 'eth0.20:0' (for the virtual interface) but neither worked...
> Are you certain what they mean by VLAN's?  One would normally
> configure the VLAN onto the switch ports and the computers would
> use normal non-VLAN connections.  This is moderately more
> secure than allowing each computer to decide which VLAN's it
> wants to sniff.

Well, that's just a switch configuration - tagged on VLAN n or untagged
on VLAN n.  If they've decided to make the port tagged on VLAN n, then
the server needs to support VLAN tagging as well.  Just because both the
switch and the server need to agree on the VLAN it's on doesn't mean
there are other tagged VLANs on the port.
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