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Re: [OT] ATX-PSU and amperage on connectors...

On Wed, 27 Feb 2008, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> There are some real weird things in the ATX12V specification, since some
> cables of my 600W AC-PSU have only 0.75mm² or 1.0mm² cables (arround 40cm
> long) which definitivly do not support more then 10A whithou being
> transformed into a heating-cable but the connectors should support
> 3.3V/18A or 5V/24A on the AUX Power connector.

If you note there are many yellow red and orange wires in parallel ... i
have a 400w psu here and have 4 yellow (12) 5 red (5) and 5 (3.3) orange
wires for the 18A nominal supplied ! and in fact it is told 10 A per wire
for the 12V ... is feasible to have a different supply, with separate PV
unit and batteries ? 12V is not so exigent on the nominal voltage, and a
directly connected battery could fit the requirements ..., either a PbSO4
o a NiMH one ... also, using for fans an unregulated 24V supply, using the
12 V out only for a switched speed control ??
apart for fans and disks on a computer what are the other 12V users ???

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