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Re: New Mailserver...

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> And if you have a power fail, your software Raid-1 will screw up.
> (We have already tested it here...  with very negative results)
> Ane if one of your drives fail, how do the Hot-Fix work in SW Raid?

This has been discussed here many times. Hot-fix IS possible with
software raid, please read the archive of this list where I posted the
list of commands. And please, don't go again in a war between software
and hardware raid, it's ridiculous. Use what you feel is right, and let
the other use what they like...

> In a Hardware-Raid a NOOB can replace a defective drive sins the
> controler care about the rest but in a Software-Raid you need
> User-Intervention and of course, you can not have HotSwap except
> if you put the drives on A USB-Controller but this costs resources.

Wrong, SATA2 do accept hotswap, we did it many times.

> But before using a 144 GB SCSI drive, you can use a Raptor 150 GB which
> is SCSI-Mechanic too, but has a SATA2 interface and costs under 240 Euro
> (the 144GB SCSI-Drive twice the price plus more expensive controller)

Where exactly did you see that SCSI and SATA have different internal
mechanic? I really don't think this is the case. I would rather advise
somebody to use the seagate -NG series that have longer MTBF.

> Do you have a suggestion for Mainboard working perfectly with a Quad-
> Core CPU?  Since some times I was running into a memory problem with
> 3 GByte I like to install 6-8 GByte...

At GPLHost, we are VERY happy with the Supermicro PDSME or PDSMU (nearly
same board, one have 3 more PCI slots that we anyway don't use). They
support core 2 quad core, and up to 8 GB, with a very good SATA2
controler (that has "hardware" raid option in the BIOS that I never
use). I'm very happy with them, especially when using the AOC-SIM1U+
IPMI board (integrated KVM + virtual media over LAN).

Thomas Goirand

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