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Completely Legal Debt Settlement Lead Generation / Sales Process


We have a Completely Legal Debt Settlement Lead Generation / Sales Process, Ready to Start.

Details of the Process, are as follows -->

We are the most affordable, flexible and legal solution in the industry. We have the edge others don't!

Legality and Flexibility

    *      We do not collect monthly payments from consumers. Encouraging them to open up their own saving accounts. The consumer saves money in their personal account until they have enough to pay of the remainder of their debt.

    *      We are legal in all 50 states

    *      Consumers do not have to pay 15% of the entire debt amount in fees. They only pay 15% of the SAVED amount. This encourages our team to save them maximum principal.

    *      If a consumer cannot make a monthly payment, we do not penalize them.


    *      We only charge $1795 flat fee per file. The fee can be separated into 5 small monthly payments. With that in mind, the fee to enter the program is only $359. Within 24 hours of the first payment, the consumer receives a phone call from one of our financial advisors. The debt settlement process starts within 24 hours!

    *      Along with the service provided, we ship out an informational package to each and every consumer including CDs and Books that will sharpen their financial decision making skills. The package will arrive at their door within 5 business days from making their first payment.

    *      All consumers will be given a chance to go through our credit repair program towards the end of their settlement. This service is included in their program fees!

    *      Financial Advisor access. Each consumer is assigned with a financial advisor which can assist them in all aspects of financial decision making. The advisor is available 40 hours per week.

If you are a Broker, don't wait any longer - contact us today. We will show you how to generate your own debt settlement leads and close them. You will make 2-5 times as much revenue as you are used to.


ZenFinancial LLC, USA

E-Mail: info@zenfinancial.com
Web Site: http://www.zenfinancial.com/

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