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Re: amcc/3ware

On 11/01/2008, at 6:39 PM, Boris Pavlov wrote:
1.) did you read the suggestions on the 3ware's site?

Probably - this is going back a couple of years....
Which 'suggestions' are you referring to?

2.) and second, sorry i do not want to be abusive, but how long (as uptime) after the creation of the volume you actually did test the controller?

We did very quick tests - seemed ok - but didn't really have time to do extensive testing - we bought 3ware
and blindly trusted advice from this mailing list.

did you check the status of the array with tw_cli?

The 3dmd program shows that the status is GOOD..

almost as i tough - sometimes the check show less performance, but in general the software raid performs really bad on a burdened server - i've seen this and actually was swearing when, say, about 5 years ago purchased my first 3ware (pata pci) board, which actually solved my problems. afaicr, the board was about 10-15% slower than hdparm with the disks attached to the main board ata. but this is not the same case when the load goes high, believe me :) the server used to nearly hang before that.

Can understand that these tests are not perfect, but they give an indication...

`time dd if=/dev/zero of=/disks/3wareVol/test.txt bs=4M count=100000`

-- will try and get some results when I get back to the office on monday

I would expect similar performance, but the 3ware cards were considerable slower -
who knows - maybe I just did something very wrong.

We have since then moved to HP hardware, and the P400 controllers from HP have given us
no problems as yet - although it will probably happen at some stage :).


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