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Re: New Mailserver...

i think you have a 1000 options here, but here is basically what i do

the new barracude 7200.11 or es.2 disks are pretty competitive compared to the raptors in performance, and they also give you a lot more space for your Euro. (250GB for 74 Euro a piece) i personnally use 4 x 500GB in a RAID6 (about 100 something a piece) you might consider dropping the raid controller and go with linux software raid instead, altough the software raid will give you less performance, but you can sort of compensate this by spending an extra 100 or 200 on your processor instead (i use the q6600)

besides personal preference and insight, you might want to re consider the software vs hardware raid, i just find the kernel more reliable and forgiving then any controller.

Michelle Konzack wrote:

after a powercut and a following overvoltage my APC UPS (3kVA with 1 EXB)
was gone and my @home Mailserver with it...

It was an AMD Sempron 2200+ with 1 GByte of memory, an older AMI Megaraid
Enterprise 1200 (with one Raid-1 + Hotfix using three DDRS-39130 for OS
and one Raid-5 for the Mailstorage using five 18 GByte IBM disks)

Currently I am using a reserve mainboard (P2/366/512) which can not
handel more then 5000 messages per day...  :-/

Now I want to rebuild the Server from scratch using Etch with the courier
suite, fetchmail, procmail, clamav-ng, spamassassin, apache2 and php.

I like to continue using SCSI drives (or maybe WD Raptor SATA) since I
have had a very negative experience using PATA disks for a courier server
because the traffic produced by the maildir is realy heavy for the disks.

Since the Mailserver is my dedicated @home Mailserver which do automated
mail-processing (arround 40000 messages per day but maybe increasing
specialy by spam attacs) I like to go as cheap as possibel but want to
have enough reserves in case of problems like spam.

My preference is on AMD 64bit CPU's (I think, the programs above should
not have anny problems with amd64) and I like to know, what you can

The smallest WD Raptor drives are 36 GByte which mean, I need at least
7 of them but maybe I will go with a 3w9560-8 which can do Raid-6 (for
the Mailstorage).  The problem will be only the price for the disks
(800 Euro) and for the controller (800 Euro) since mainboards and CPU's
plus Memory are going cheap.

My limit is currently by arround 1500 Euro.

Note:  My mailstore is now over 18 million messages with 43 users and my
       SDSL line support only 3.5 MBit.

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day
    Michelle Konzack

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