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Re: ADSL2+ Modem-Router with more then one IP

Guten Tag Michelle Konzack,

am Samstag, 29. Dezember 2007 um 16:02 schriebst Du:

> for a new project I have gotten an ADSL2+ offer of a french ISP where I
> can have up to 16 fixed IP's and have 22,8/1,8MBit plus two analog
> telephone lines (over VoIP).
> Now there is a problem, because all ADSL-Modem-Router I know, can handle
> only one IP and portforwarding from only one IP.
> Does anyone of you know an ADSL2+ compatible Modem-Router (Annex A, DSL
> over POTs) which support up to 16 fixed IP's AND has 2 connectors for
> analog Telephones?

I am not sure with the Connectors for analog Phones, but maybe, ask

But i had 2 DSL Lines on one Plug with 1 Dynamic and 1 fixed with a
/25 Subnet of official IPs routed from an own DSLAM.

Look at Bintec, the x1200 and x2300 do this, maybe you have to enter
it on the shell, but its possible.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Jens Franik

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