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Re: ADSL2+ Modem-Router with more then one IP

Michelle Konzack wrote:
for a new project I have gotten an ADSL2+ offer of a french ISP where I
can have up to 16 fixed IP's and have 22,8/1,8MBit plus two analog
telephone lines (over VoIP).

Now there is a problem, because all ADSL-Modem-Router I know, can handle
only one IP and portforwarding from only one IP.

Have a look at routers able to run openWRT, ie. the Linksys-Boxes or
Netgear WGT634T. But they are only routers (some with wifi), to
terminate the VoIP you need other hardware like an ATA or an ip-phone.

On some boxes with openWRT you can use each switchport as an individual
interface, so you can have several(sub)nets with different rights
(packet filter) and routing. Behind my Netgear i have two (sub)nets, my
lan and a dmz-network. But there is a catch in it! Beween the networks
my box only can handle up to 2,5MB/s data througput, that's why i took
my fileserver out of the dmz in the lan.

Best regards
Dominique Görsch

PS: Please excuse my bad english.

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