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Re: Problems installing Etch on HP Proliant ML530 G2

On Sat, 08 Dec 2007 18:11:42 -0500, moya@latertulia.org said:

> (If this isn't the correct list, please let me know what is)

Probably Debian Users would be better.

> I'm trying to install Etch r1 on a Proliant ML530 G2. The installation
> worked fine until 'Detecting network hardware' screen. It takes several
> minutes on that screen, at the end pass.
> I retried with expert mode. Jumped over 'Detect disks', the disks are
> not detected.

So your network wasn't detected; you tried again and omitted "Detect
disks" and your disks were not detected? Hardly surprising. Do you mean
that initially your disks, not network, were not detected?

> PD: Please CC me, I'm not suscribed with this account

It is unreasonable to expect other list users to CC you just because you
can't be bothered to read this list.


Keith Edmunds

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