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php4 and php-memcache 2.2.0

i've got an old (in-house) web app that may eventually get ported to
php5 but for now it only runs on php4.

we're moving it to an LVS load-balanced web server farm, so need some way
to share sessions between the servers.

unfortunately, php4-memcache in debian is only version 2.0.1 which doesn't
register session save handler.  i'd rather not use an NFS-mounted sessions

newer versions (e.g. 2.2.0) do, but that's only compiled for php5 in debian.

i've tried recompiling the latest php5-memcache package for php4, but
it doesn't want to work. no matter what i try, it wont install the
memcache.so in the php4-memcache, it keeps wanting to build it into

note: there is *NO* mention of php5 in the debian/ directory any more
(i edited them all out), nor do i have php5 or any related modules
installed on the build machine (except for php5-common which is a
dependancy of php-pear, which is in turn a dependancy of php4-pear).

so, my questions:

1. has anyone got backported packages of recent memcache for php4?

2. i'd be willing to use mysql as the session store too, but php4-mysql
in debian has the same problem as php4-memcache (doesn't register a save
handler). anyone have a more recent php4-mysql package?

3. failing both of those, any idea on how to package a pear module for
php4 in debian 'sid' or 'lenny' (i don't just want to compile into
/usr/local unless i have no other choice).


craig sanders <cas@taz.net.au>

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