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Re: Big problem using the amavisd-new package crashing: debug log

Keith Edmunds wrote:
> Why is amavis trying to call dspam if you are not using dspam (our servers
> running amavis don't do that)? Secondly, it seems that the action
> immediately before the 'Server closing' is a SpamAssassin call. Is your SA
> installation working correctly? Have you checked the logs relating to SA?
> hth,
> Keith

I don't think the problem is about the dspam call. But you might be
right about spamassassin, it might be this one that is making amavis
stop. We will increase the verbosity of spamassassin and try to see what
the problem is.

Thanks for this follow up.


P.S: I forgot to mention: of course, this problem doesn't appear ALL THE
TIME, otherwise it would be too obvious that it would be a configuration
problem, which doesn't really seem to be the case (or it's a very tricky

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