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Re: [debian-volatile] SA 3.2.3 available (for test purpose)

> On Mon, 05 Nov 2007, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
> > spamassassin 3.2.3-0.volatile1 is currently available in
> > etch-proposed/volatile. Before we accept it to etch/volatile i would
> > like to ask some experienced SysAdmins to do some (more extended testing
> > as we did) of the package and report back any problems you find to
> > debian-volatile@lists.debian.org.
> > 
> > As soon as we are convinced that SA 3.2.3 works as expected i will
> > move the package to etch/volatile and send an official announcement.

On 06.11.07 09:48, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
> I wonder if spamassassin is volatile material?  It certainly fits
> backports.org (and I use the backport on production), but I have always
> thought of volatile as something with exactly the same importance and
> connotation as main.

Imho, SA fulfills the requirements for volatile without any problem. The
backports are here afaik for different reason. 

> IMO, it is best to leave stuff like spamassassin out of volatile.

I disagree here.

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