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RE: bind 9 not responding

The function the Debian uses to free memory from unused and expired cache
records (see cleaning-interval directive) is extremely inefficient when used
with large caches.  The function is used by default for compatibility
reasons, but is unnecessary for most installations.

The fix is to upgrade to Bind 9.4 (which uses the more efficient memory
freeing function) or to recompile your version of bind with the more
efficient function flagged in the compile-time options.

This is a known issue with the default build of 9.3 and older and has been
covered extensively on the Bind mailing lists.  Check out the archives there
for a rousing discussion ;-)


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> > On Oct 31, Onur Can CAKMAK illuminated :
> > I have a caching server on the edge of our corporate network.
> > System is Debian etch, with bind version 1:9.3.4-2e.
> >
> we've hit this with quite a few of our bind 9.3 servers as well.  the
> fix is bind 9.4, which is not available in debian/etch. (but 
> is in sid)
> The *only* way out is to restart the bind process, once a day 
> for us :(
> kinda defeats the whole purpose of a caching nameserver.
> Or in our case, Nominum CNS, but I didn't have to worry about 
> approving
> the budget for that.  I had a nice manager to do that for us.
> ./jp
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