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Re: bind 9 not responding

> On Oct 31, Onur Can CAKMAK illuminated :

> I have a caching server on the edge of our corporate network.
> System is Debian etch, with bind version 1:9.3.4-2e.
we've hit this with quite a few of our bind 9.3 servers as well.  the
fix is bind 9.4, which is not available in debian/etch. (but is in sid)

The *only* way out is to restart the bind process, once a day for us :(
kinda defeats the whole purpose of a caching nameserver.

Or in our case, Nominum CNS, but I didn't have to worry about approving
the budget for that.  I had a nice manager to do that for us.

Jean-Paul Blaquiere

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