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Re: best sound card for debian etch

Matthias Haegele schrieb:
Chris Cohen schrieb:
On Wednesday 26 September 2007 09:44:53 Andre Keller wrote:
Matthias Haegele schrieb:
Sam Leon schrieb:
Sekhar wrote:
Hi Guys,

I need to install a sound card on my debian etch server can some one
help me which pci sound card will detect automatically in debian etch.
What do you guys need a soundcard in a server for? I'm a bit :confused:

Maybe his entropy pool is getting smaller and smaller?
Or.. he wants to listen to some music when he works in the serverroom :)

I read some "Firewall/Intrusion detection Analyze Log Article" some time ago (maybe linux-mag)
where it should be possible to generate sounds of "Log-Messages" ? :-).

ROTFL :D sounds from /var/log/* ? WTF

Where is the linux-mag Article?

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