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Re: View/Increasing available inodes on XFS?

Quoting Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@debian.org>:

> Any ideas HOWTO?

I've been looking for a clue to this for a couple of hours now,
and naturally I get a (almost any way) answer shortly after
sending a 'help me please' mail...


This talks about 25%. And the man page:

  -m   Specify  a  new value for the maximum percentage of space in
       the filesystem that can be allocated as inodes. In mkfs.xfs
       this is specified with -i maxpct=nn.

It's extreamly late, so I'm not getting it.

In ext3, the reserved block percentage is 5%, I assume this is the

BUT, in ext3 (if memory serves me right), _root_ can use 100%!

So how come I can't fill an XFS file system to 100%, even as root?

I have a 1.5Gb filesystem, but could only copy files up to 1.1Gb.
Removing a bunch of files, and using dd to fill the filesystem
worked though (well, I could fill almost 1.3Gb before I gave up :).

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