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Re: Password file with over 3000 users.

Ian schrieb:
- Must be pam compatible.

- Most users have MD5 passwords, but some are still crypt passwords. I
do not have ready access to the original plain text passwords.

- I don't want to mess around with too much, so I must have real "Unix
accounts" (UID's and home directories) for each user.

- Vanilla Debian "deb" packages.

What alternatives should I consider?
Ever thougt about using LDAP? I do not have an installation that is as big as yours (only about 800 users), but I have no problems with performance and the server is not the fastest. home directorys are even exported with nfs and samba PDC with LDAP and Samba for a M$ Domain) is doing its job too on this box.

best regards



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