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Re: [OT] 19"/2U Cases

Sorry for the late answer, but some harddrives went crashed the same time
and I had to buy a new Array...

Am 2007-08-29 14:45:02, schrieb Michael Loftis:
> --On August 29, 2007 1:03:53 PM -0700 Mike Bird <mgb-debian@yosemite.net> 
> wrote:
> >Although 3Ware website and 9xxx product data sheets still claim
> >support for JBOD, once you read the huge user manual you find that
> >JBOD support was discontinued in a firmware "upgrade".  Single disk

Never uses "Just-A-Bunch-Of-Drives"...

> >mode is available but your data is still hidden behind the 3Ware
> >layer and unavailable without paying the 3Ware ransom.  Which means


> >you have to go out and buy another overpriced 3Ware and keep it in a
> >cupboard so you can recover your data when the first controller dies.

In general I buy a new one if one is broken...
Never used ¶Ware controller on Singel-Disks, except my Special-Server
in my 4WD, which use two 12-Channel controllers and on each port a
4 GByte CF-Drive

> >Google will also show you many instances over the years of people
> >finding their 3Ware running at a tiny faction of advertised speed.

Never had speed problems with 3Ware and since I have only GBit-LAN, 3Ware
controllers fullfill my requirements... My courier-imap is definitivly
NOT the bottleneg because I get only 78 MByte/Sec

> >Never again 3Ware!

Chaqun son truck!

> >Buy an inexpensive OEM controller and use software RAID.  Much more
> >reliable and often faster.


> MDRAID certainly isn't reliable in a huge number of failure cases.  It 
> causes the machine to OOPS/lock up.  Or even lose data.  MDRAID is also 


> very difficult to administer, offering only (depending on your version) 
> mdadm or raid* tools.  mdadm is rather arcane.  simple operations are not 
> well documented, like, how do i replace a failed drive?  or start a 
> rebuild?  there's no 'rebuild drive' it's completely NON automated either. 

And how to do HotSwap?  --  Never figured it out how it works!

> meaning it always takes user intervention to recover from any failure.  a 
> single I/O error causes MDRAID to mark the element as failed.  it does not 
> even bother to retry.  MDRAID is also incapable of performing background 
> patrolling reads, something i think even 3Ware does.  MDRAID RAID5 sets are 
> non-bootable.  Something you get from any hardware raid, evne 3Ware.  My 
> money lately has been on LSI's cards.  3Ware is a good second choice too. 
> the newer ICP* modelled ICP controllers are shit (as opposed to the pre 
> intel/adaptec GDT* series which are rock solid).

Appropos GDT... I have replaced a broken 3Ware with a NEW (!!!) GDT6128RD
(bought in 04/2000) and Raidyne Firmware but I can not boot from my
connected CD-532S or CDR-55S to install Etch...

Do you know, whats going on here?

Note:  Also I can configure only Raid-0 or Raid-1 (including Hotfix) if
       I have 5 Drives, but it does not let me select Raid-4 or Raid-5,
       where I prefer Raid-5+Hotfix

> I can never recommend any software RAID for anything other than simple 
> mirrors, and then, always, with the caveat that it will be a bitch to fix 
> if things go wrong, you probably won't lose data, but getting a software 
> raid running again is often arcane, especially with MDRAID and it's 
> frequent inability to correctly identify a failed drive (sometimes the 
> fault of the SATA controller mind you).  BSDs vinum is little better in 
> these regards.  And god forbid you lose your boot drive and have forgotten 
> to keep all the boot blocks on your spare properly updated.  you also have 
> to manually intervene and reorder drives in that case, something hardware 
> raid, any hardware raid, will transparently cover.

Question 1:

If you have an 3Ware 3W950x with 8 channels and because financel problems
you have only installed two Raid-1 (one on 0 and 1 and the second on 4 and
5) without Hotfix and want to add the Hotfix-drive no (later), how to do

Question 2:

The same shit as Question 1, but for the GDT6128RD...   :-/

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