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Re: [OT] 19"/2U Cases

also sprach martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [2007.08.30.0756 +0200]:
> > a single I/O error causes MDRAID to mark the element as failed.
> > it does not even bother to retry.
> And that's a feature. I've seen disk corruption where a block would
> return wrong data only in 1/10 reads. On retry, it would work, and
> the RAID would hide the problem from me. I'd much rather have
> a failed drive

I have to add to this: with storage as cheap as it is these days,
depending on the server, a single sign of badness often is enough
for me to just replace the disk. I might then run the old disk
through a testing machine and use it in less critical machines if it
seems fine, but in general, my motto is: suspicious stuff? replace
the drive.

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