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Re: [OT] 19"/2U Cases

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Now I was searching for 19"/2U cases which can hold up to 6/7 HDD's
> in HotSwaps in the Front but have not found anything (max. 4 drives)
> 1)  Does anyone know, where I can get such 19"/2U racks?

I found these relatively quickly:
Complete solutions: HP (Proliant DL320S), Dell (PowerEdge 2950)
Barebone/chassis: Supermicro (SC826), Chenbro (RM23212)

Can't tell you anything about price or quality of the above, but it
shouldn't be too difficult to find something that matches your
requirements and budget.

> 2)  Does anyone know, where I can get complete Server which fit my
>     needs?  It does not need very much memory (~2 GByte) and need
>     only a small CPU since its FileServer usage, but need 3Ware
>     8-channel Controller.

If the 3Ware 8-channel Controller is a must-have, you may have to search
a little longer or go for a barebone system and assemble it yourself.


Arnoud Warmerdam

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